Optimizing Operating Room Efficiency

OpComm™ is a perioperative workflow solution designed to decrease operating room (OR) turnover time and eliminate bottlenecks in OR workflows. It is the only available solution for surgical teams to monitor real-time pre-operative status and allow team members to collaborate on pre-op checklists, facilitate communication, and analyze workflow data to optimize team synergy and efficiency.

OpComm was created by surgeons and hospital administrators who recognized an opportunity for improvement in OR workflow and perioperative communication. The software yields a more cost-effective OR by reducing delays, improving communication between OR staff, and creating higher physician and nursing satisfaction.

The platform can run on workstations, tablets, and cell phones. OpComm is complimentary to and integrates with EMRs, OR case management tools, and block scheduling software.

OpComm Features

  • Pre-operative checklists sharing real-time task completion with the OR team (surgery, nursing, anesthesia)
  • Task lists customized for each OR team and CPT code
  • Real-time status updates for all team members
  • Secure messaging tied to surgical teams or procedures
  • Push notifications and alerts when key tasks and all pre-op tasks are complete
  • Collection and aggregation of workflow data
  • OpComm Reports™ evaluates workflow for bottlenecks & inefficiencies
  • Optimization and measurement of bottleneck reduction solutions

Key Value Adds

  • Added Case Volume: Reduce turnover time to create additional surgical blocks and increase case volume
  • Cost Savings: Improve perioperative efficiency to reduce overtime pay and unnecessary staffing
  • OR Staff Satisfaction: Stronger team collaboration yields higher staff satisfaction and lower nursing attrition

OpComm Team: Made by Surgeons for Surgeons

Jacob Brandon, MD
Corbin Frye, MD
Jacob Brandon, MD
Raphael Sun, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Co-Founder
Assistant Professor, Department of Surgery
Co-Director, Fetal Surgery
Oregon Health & Science University
Kaushik Srinivasan, JD, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Hospital COO with P&L responsibilities
over OR
Improved EBITDA 12.1% over 12 months on new initiatives
Healthcare CEO in other companies
Victor Wilcox, MD
Chief Technology Officer
Full stack health IT developer
Prior clinical workflow software used in ICUs

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